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In July 2009, the European Research Network on Philanthropy has published :

The State of Giving Research in Europe

The CerPhi provided the chapter on France from its data bases and surveys

The publication is available at the CerPhi (€15)

The State of Giving Research in Europe

Philanthropy in Russia: Information in France

The Centre d’Etude et de Recherche sur la Philanthropie – CerPhi, France is presenting an on-line summary in French of the the book Philanthropy in Russia, Public Attitudes and Collaboration published in 2010 by the State University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.


This study which has been compiled by I.V. Mersiyanova and L.I. Yakobson presents the results of public opinion surveys on participation in charitable activity in Russia, including voluntary work and donations as well as surveys on attitudes towards issues related to the interaction between the State and charity providers.
The book was placed on the CerPhi website as a result of a collaboration between the CerPhi and the State University in order to facilitate a shared reflection on the current state of research into voluntary and nonprofit organizations in terms of their georgraphical context.
The summary in French and the complete English version are available online at the CerPhi website www.cerphi.org

Click to download the book in English