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About the CerPhi

The Centre d’Etude et de Recherche sur la Philanthropie (CerPhi ), based in Paris, France, is a leading private research centre dedicated to increasing the understanding of philanthropic sector and improving its practice through research, public service and public affairs. 
Founded in 2004, the CerPhi provides non-profit practitioners with research services to help improve the understanding and practice of philanthropy for better decision making. Our research department staff members possess a unique understanding of non-profit research that enables the Cerphi to conduct comprehensive research projects for national and international organizations. 
From survey design and implementation to data analysis and publication, our team can offer a range of services to help you and your organization develop the knowledge you need to manage your organization in today’s philanthropic environment.


CerPhi International Research and Development


The CerPhi also benefits from cooperation with International Universities and Research Centres : The European Research Network on Philanthropy (Ernop) at Vu University, Netherlands, The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, USA, the Hudson Institute for Global Prosperity, USA, and the Giving Europe project.

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